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The Art of Detailing

Unlock The Secrets To Growing & Scaling A Car Detailing Business


I'm Desi

I am the owner of Desi Detailing. A 100K+ car detailing service based in Atlanta, GA. I have two fully equipped/wrapped vehicles that can each

service 5-7 clients a day. Each job ranges between $100-$300. I have hired an assistant and other detailers to operate the vehicles. Now I spend more time working on my business than in my business. So whether your just looking to make extra $2-10K a month or start a fully detailing business you will learn everything you need in my course. 

Car Detailing Expert & owner of 100K+ Detailing Business "Desi Detailing" in Atlanta

You Will Learn How To


Make income from detailing cars as a side hustle.


Grow a car detailing business.


Scale your car detailing business so you can increase your results. 

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Atlanta, GA 

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